step-by-step procedure for managing Google AdSense:

1.Sign in to your Google AdSense account

2.verify your website with Google AdSense

3.Once your website is verified, you can review and update your ad setting

4.check the performance of your ads in your Google AdSense account

5.You can choose where ads appear on your website by creating ad units and placing them in strategic location

6.Make sure your website complies with these policies to avoid any violations that could result in your AdSense account being suspended or terminated.

7.Stay informed by regularly checking for updates and reading Google AdSense help center articles, announcements, and newsletters.

8.If you encounter any issues or have questions about managing your AdSense account, visit the AdSense Help Center for guidance

9.Google AdSense pays you for the ads displayed on your website. Make sure to set up your payment information correctly and keep track of your earnings and payment history in your AdSense account.