“Blog Like a Boss: Top 9 Must-Have Tools for Every Beginner Blogger!

Looking to take your blogging game to the next level? Check out our top 9 must-have tools for every beginner blogger! From powerful writing software to social media management tools, we’ve got you covered. With the right tools and a passion for writing, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a successful blogger!

Nothing is more thrilling for a new blogger than beginning their own blog and expressing their passion to the world. Starting off, though, may be challenging, particularly when it comes to selecting the best tools to make your blog stand out. Fear not, for I have put together a list of the top 10 essential tools to make blogging easier than ever!

1) Scrivener

A strong writing tool is first and foremost necessary for each blogger. You can organise your ideas and write more effectively with the aid of the writing programme Scrivener. It also makes it simple to reorganise portions and create outlines.

2) Canva

A design tool like Canva can be something you want to invest in if you want to advance your blog. This user-friendly platform provides a tonne of design components and themes that may assist you in producing aesthetically stunning visuals to go along with your blog.

3) Hootsuite

Social networking is essential for blog promotion. Hootsuite is a social media management application that enables you to publish and schedule content for all of your social media channels from a single location. You’ll be able to simplify your social media approach and save time as a result.

4) Google Trends

It’s crucial for bloggers to consistently provide engaging material to keep their readers interested. Google Trends may assist you in keeping abreast of current affairs and popular themes, enabling you to provide material that is pertinent and beneficial to your viewers.

5) Grammarly


Grammarly is another another excellent tool for content development. This AI-powered writing aid will provide grammatical, spelling, and punctuation corrections to help you write better.

6) Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an essential tool if you want to monitor the effectiveness of your blog. It enables you to make data-driven decisions to enhance your blog by allowing you to track metrics such as engagement, demographics, and traffic on your blog.

7) Lumen5


Think about including multimedia components in your blog entries to improve the reading experience for your viewers. With the aid of the AI-powered video production platform Lumen5, you can easily convert any blog article into an engaging video.

8) ShareASale


Affiliate marketing is an excellent place to begin if you want to make money from your blog. An affiliate marketing network called ShareASale will help you find businesses searching for bloggers to promote their goods.

9) Bluehost


Not to mention, a trustworthy site hosting provider is essential for any blogger. Popular web host Bluehost provides trustworthy and inexpensive hosting services as well as round-the-clock customer assistance.


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